My son Tanner just bought his first car.  We've been taking it out for a spin now and then; but have noticed that compared to newer cars, the headlights seem to be barely on when driving at night.

I told Tanner to flip on the high beams the other night while we were driving because they aren't even half as bright as the new vehicles on the roads these days.

I was trying to figure out if I needed him to purchase new headlights, and then, after asking my friend Jerel at St. Cloud Quick Lube and Detail Center in St. Cloud, what I could do about it,  I discovered that it was the headlight cover that was the problem; not the actual lights. I also found out that St. Cloud and Quick Lube could clean them up for us, and it was less than half of the cost of what new headlights would have cost us.

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The picture above is from before we had the service done. The picture below is the headlights after the service was completed! What a difference. For less than $50 we had them cleaned up and now we can see driving at night MUCH better than we could before. It's not perfect...but it's amazing what those clear covers can do to fix the issue.

Hope this helps you!

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes


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