Third Street Brewhouse's newest Beer, Cool Beans, features coffee beans from Muggsy Lauer.
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

COLD SPRING/ST. CLOUD - Third Street Brewhouse’s newest beer is ready to hit the shelves. It’s called Cool Beans. It’s an Imperial Coffee Porter, and like Third Street’s Maple Stout Sugar Shack, Cool Beans uses local ingredients. For this beer it's Muggsy Lauer's coffee beans from Muggsy's Beans.

Lauer says he's a big fan of beer, and behind coffee it's his second favorite drink. Well you know I’m a big fan of beer.

"We are using a Sumatra Mandheling that they have cold press brewed into a concentrate, meaning it wasn’t brewed with hot water, it was brewed with cold," says Lauer.

Doug DeGeest is the Vice President and General Manager at Third Street Brewhouse. He says they work hard to find the best local quality ingredients for their beer.

He says, "Where do we go to get our coffee? I don’t just want to get any old coffee it needs to be something that is really special to us." This led them to Muggsy's Beans.

He does a great job with his beans, why not go to the best, and use the best. That’s what we’re all about it.

DeGeest says this is the first of many limited edition beers for 2015 in celebration of their third year. He didn't say how many beers are coming out, but they are all in the works. The beers will come in the bigger 750 ml bottles, and will have a higher alcohol content. Cool Beans is 9.1% alcohol by volume.

There is an unveiling party tonight (Thursday) at D.B. Searle's. You can also catch Muggsy hanging out at the Third Street Brewhouse Taproom tomorrow (Friday) from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Third Street also has a non-alcoholic beverage in the works. It will be a Root Beer using the maple syrup from St. John's Arboretum. This is the same maple syrup Third Street uses in their Maple Stout Beer, Sugar Shack.