The Mall of America has added a new feature to keep folks active and entertained. The "ClimbZone" attraction is now open near Nickelodeon Universe.

With over 40 walls to choose from, ClimbZone lets you self-belay up 25 feet to save Rapunzel from her tower, 30 feet up our giant bookcase, and 35 feet to the top of a quintessential harbor lighthouse.  Still not high enough?  Take the ultimate climbing challenge up our very own Mount Rushmore, peaking at 40 feet! Featuring varying difficulty levels, ClimbZone is a destination for adventurers of all ages!

We are fairly frequent visitors to Mall of America and Nickelodeon Universe and this past weekend we noticed the ClimbZone area for the first time. The walls are super colorful and look challenging and there were plenty of kids (and adults) on them all afternoon.

Climbing will cost visitors $19.99 for a half-hour or $23.99 for a full hour. Three-month memberships are also available for $99. Anyone over two years old is welcome to climb but children under 12 will be required to have 'active adult supervision.'

As far as what to wear, the ClimbZone website provides some helpful hints:

Wear comfortable clothes that allow a free range of movement. Closed shoes are required to be worn (sneakers are ideal). Hooded sweatshirts are not suitable to wear while climbing. Climbing shoes are not allowed to be worn while climbing our walls as they will damage our surfaces.

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