ST. CLOUD -- The next stage in extending the Beaver Island Trail is in the works. The St. Cloud Park and Recreation Department is working on Phase 8, which is the final one-and-a-half miles that takes it to the southern city limits.

This would take us to the edge of St. Cloud on the south side and create an opportunity to hand that off to Stearns County, which has been part of their planning to eventually take it to Warner Lake.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says the project is expected to cost about $700,000. Local half-cent sales tax money will be used, with additional funding coming from state and federal grants.

Kleis says there are a couple of unique features in this segment of the Beaver Island Trail.

We're going over what used to be the old dump, and we've got a creek to cross.

The administration is asking the city council for their approval to go ahead with the project.

The soonest construction would begin isn't until 2021.

On the north end of the trail, the city still has plans to connect the Beaver Island Trail to the Lake Wobegon Trail.