Giving someone a ticket for running a red light without a police officer witnessing the offense is still not legal in Minnesota. St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says he'd like to see this change and he and St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson have been actively lobbying for this change at the state legislature.  Kleis says a few years ago Chief Anderson and he testified at a committee meeting at the state legislature but red light cameras were voted down.

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Kleis says he isn't asking for the state legislature to make it mandatory to have red light cameras but he'd like to have the option to decide at the local level.  He says they would like to bring it to the city council and have a public hearing on the issue.  Kleis says they don't have the ability to get to that step because the state law prohibits it.

School bus stop arm violations caught on camera can be ticketed without an officer witnessing the offense in Minnesota.  Kleis says that shows precedent where it can be done.

St. Cloud was a part of a pilot project a few years ago when a red light camera was posted at Highway 15 and 2nd street south.

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Mayor Kleis it is available below.



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