St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON for a radio town hall meeting today.  He says he expects the city to move forward in March with the transfer of ownership of the old Tech High School building from the St. Cloud School District to the city of St. Cloud with demolition of a portion of the old building to come.  Kleis says the timeline for the remodel would have city officials moving into the new facility for city hall at the end of the year.



Kleis says as for the current city hall building there has been lots of commercial interest.  He says he'd like to see a grocery, pharmacy, and/or a restaurant in what is now city hall.  I asked the Mayor about the old Perkins downtown location.  He says he knows the building is for sale but isn't aware of any pending sale.  He says if that were to happen it would become public knowledge.

Kleis says the city is willing to work with county and state health officials and CentraCare if needed for distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes more widely available.

Kleis discussed the 33rd street south project and explained why the project has taken the length of time it has taken.  He says the project was done in phases due to money and other considerations were sewer and water needed to be installed.  Kleis says city crews will begin work on spring projects as soon as the weather will allow it.

Mayor Dave Kleis joins me every other week from 8:10-8:50 for radio town hall meetings on WJON.  He's next schedule appearance will be Friday March 5 at 8:10 a.m.

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