Have you ever thought of St. Cloud as an eerie place to live or visit? A couple of years ago, a YouTube creator who goes by "That Thirdman Guy" put out a video about five eerie things about St. Cloud.

In the video, he introduces himself as a man who lives in the small town of St. Cloud and then goes into detail about the things he finds to be eerie around the area.

Number one on the list was Sportsmans Island. An abandoned landmass in the Mississippi River that is nearly as big as the SCSU campus.

Second on the list are the unmarked graveyard found around St. Cloud, the sites of those being on the St. Cloud State campus.

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Third, this video creator tells the story of St. Cloud Superman, a character everyone in the area is familiar with.

Fourth on the list is the wall around St. Cloud's prison. It is the second largest wall in the world built by prisoners. It’s ranked second next to the Great Wall of China.

And the last item on this list is the story of the Vampire Murder from the 1980s. The story goes that four teenagers murdered a homeless man and put his body in the Mississippi River. One of the teens licked the homeless man's blood from the knife used to kill him.

Check out the video for yourself, or if you want to read this story, the list is the exact same as the one found here on our website.

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