Do you love wood crafts? Want a new hobby? Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with some talented individuals out there who enjoy the art of woodturning. Woodturning has become so popular here in central Minnesota in the past few years that they now have their own website, and are inviting others who have an interest in making beautiful creations out of wood, to join their group.

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Guy Schafer


Guy Schafer and Ellen Star, are two talented individuals with completely different backgrounds and styles. They each shared their story earlier this week with me on "It Matters with Kelly Cordes" on WJON. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the player below.


Dave Pogatchnik


It was interesting listening to how these creations are made. I also learned that the MMAW teaches classes to those individuals who want to learn about woodturning, when the Paramount holds classes at various times during the year.  You can also sometimes see their beautiful pieces of art on display in the gallery next to the paramount.

Ellen Star

If you think that you would like to be a part of this unique club, you can reach out to Guy through the website at midmnwoodturners.org.

To see the many creations that these artists are making, you can also go to the Mid Minnesota Association of Woodturners Facebook page. Every post  has photos of newly made creations to give you great ideas for your wood making creations. Plus, they also post upcoming events on the site.


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