ST. CLOUD -- You can help support a child's love for reading at this year's 8th Annual Imagination Library Progressive Dinners.

The dinners will be this Saturday and next Saturday, April 8.

Proceeds from the dinner go to help fund the Imagination Library Program. From birth to age five the reading program helps to provide a new book each month for a child.

United Way Director of Marketing and Communications, Jessica Johnson says the dinner is served in sections, inside 11 area homes.

"People buy tickets to international cuisines, they're all different cuisines, and the progress to different parts of the meal. So they start at a reception home with hors d'oeuvres, and then they progress through the first course which is soup and salad, then the second course is the main dish and then they actually go back to the reception home for desserts and beverages."

Tickets to the dinner are $125 per ticket. Johnson says each of the 11 homes holds about 10 guests. For both weekends combined the United Way is expecting over 240 diners.

Johnson says tickets are still available, they only have a few left for each date, so if you're interested, hurry they sell out quick.

You can book your ticket by calling 320-229-3511.

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