ST. CLOUD -- The Stearns County Board of Commissioners will again look at allowing motocross tracks as part of changes to its land use and zoning ordinance.

Commissioners didn't take action in April, but rather directed staff to work with townships to develop agreeable standards.

The proposed changes has three tiers.

The first tier would allow four or less riders on an acre or more and must be 50 feet from neighbors.

The second tier would allow 5-to-9 riders and be allowed in agricultural, T-20, R-20 and urban expansion districts. The track would also need to be on 10 acres and have a 700 foot setback from neighbors. It would not be allowed to be run as a commercial operation.

The last tier would allow for more than 10 riders and be allowed in agricultural districts and industrial/commercial districts. The track would need to be on a minimum of 40 acres, with a quarter-mile setback, from neighboring homes and a half-mile from 10 or more homes. It would also require an interim use permit which would trigger a public hearing prior to granting that permit.

The board will take up the proposed changes at a public hearing July 9th.

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