ST. CLOUD -- After nearly 38 years of developing parks and trails for Stearns County, Parks Director Chuck Wocken is calling it a career. Wocken will retire in February.

Wocken started with the county parks department in 1975. Over the years he guided the county through numerous land acquisitions and park and trail developments. One of those projects is the Quarry Park and Nature Preserve.

Wocken says it's the crown jewel of central Minnesota...

Wocken says his proudest accomplishment over the years would be implementing the county's comprehensive plan by adding park land and developing trail systems. But, he admits it's hard not getting excited about the Lake Wobegon Trail and Quarry Park projects.

Wocken says he has only one regret...not getting a Granite Country Visitor Center built at Quarry Park before retiring.

When he retires in February, Wocken says he is looking forward to having no plans for awhile. He plans to spend time with his grand children and use the parks and trails he helped develop.