Minnesota State Fair spokesman Danielle Dullinger joined me on WJON today.  She says their entertainment staff has been working on booking performances for more than a year now and she's confident they will have a full lineup of free and Grandstand performances.  Dullinger says the lineup will be announced on mnstatefair.org.   She says they are hopeful that the 2021 State Fair will be one of the best yet.


The State Fair opened a portion of the fairgrounds on Memorial weekend in May to a limited amount of people called the "Summer Kickoff."  Dullinger says the event was a big success and they are considering doing something like that again.  She says the State Fair lost an estimated $16 Million last year when the fair was cancelled and the Memorial Day weekend event helped recoup some of those losses along with the food parades they did in 2020.

photo - Krista Caldwell

Dullinger says they have a staff of 80 people that work year round of ways to enhance the State Fair experience.  She says they are always trying to add new things to the fair but want to keep the things people have come to expect and love about the fair.  Dullinger says they are honored that people missed the fair last year and are hoping that attendance will be good this year but she has no idea what to expect.

photo - Krista Caldwell

Dullinger says the most popular food items consistently at the State Fair including pronto pups, cheese curds, Sweet Martha's cookies, and friend pickles.  She says they are always trying to bring people want they want without having to wait all day in line.  Dullinger says that's why they have 7 locations for pronto pups, 3 locations for Sweet Martha's cookies and numerous locations to get cheese curds.

The Minnesota State will takes place this year August 26-September 6.

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