WAITE PARK -- The STARail group, responsible for bringing an old Great Northern Railway Caboose back to Waite Park, wants some space at City Hall to display a model train and a vision for enhancing the project.

The old caboose sits on a short track along 3rd Street in Waite Park, a short distance from the building where it was built.

City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says the STARail folks want to use the city hall display to help raise awareness and raise funds. But, she says the council will have to see if the request is workable because the space is currently being used.

Waite Park and St. Cloud were built on the back of railroad workers. Railway tycoon James J. Hill bought a piece of land in what is now Waite Park back in 1890 and built a rail car manufacturing plant. It operated on that site all the way up to 1986.