ST. CLOUD -- A man that's lived in St. Cloud for the majority of his life, served his country and lends a helping hand to anyone in need has won the Marine of the Year award.

Presented by the Valhalla Detachment Marine Corps League, Dennis Klug was nominated and awarded the prestigious honor earlier this spring.

Klug served in the United States Marine Corps from 1960-1964.

"Once a Marine always a Marine every Marine is a rifleman." --Klug


Dennis Klug, Marine of the Year 2016 Photo Courtesy, Dennis Klug
Dennis Klug, Marine of the Year 2016 Photo Courtesy, Dennis Klug

During his time in the service Klug went through advanced infantry training where he learned how to shoot 3.5 rocket launchers and machine guns. He was also a Morse code operator and made 67 parachute jumps.

After leaving the military Klug he worked for the United States Postal Service and has since retired. After retiring Klug has kept himself busy by being a member of 16 organizations within the St. Cloud area.


  • Military Order of the Devil Dogs
  • American Legion Post 428
  • American Veterans Post 11
  • Disabled American Veterans Chapter 9
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • National Active & Retired Federal Employees 0644
  • St. Cloud Metropolitan Veterans
  • American Postal Workers Union
  • National Association Postal Supervisors
  • Benton County Agricultural Society
  • St. Cloud Area Genealogist
  • St. Cloud Technical High School Alumni Association Charter Member
  • St. Cloud Pantowners Antique Car Club Charter Member
  • Great Norther Model T Club
  • GMC Truck Chapter
  • International Ford Retractable Club

Other than working with various St. Cloud area organizations Klug regularly helps take care of yard work and other household work for his neighbors and two widowed women who are unable to physically do the work themselves.

Klug says, "I have a neighbor who has a daycare and it has to be cleaned out [snow needs to be plowed] by 7:00 a.m., so I get up early and clean her out even if it's only one inch of snow, I don't want anybody falling and getting hurt in her driveway."

Photo Courtesy Dennis Klug
Photo Courtesy Dennis Klug


In Klug's free time he enjoys driving nursing home residents and St. Cloud VA patients around town in his collection of antique cars. Klug has a 1926 Model T, 1920 GMC 3/4 ton truck, and two 1958 Ford Retractables.


"I just do it [help others] because I think it should be done," says Klug.

When Klug takes a break from helping out in the community he likes to spend time with his family. Klug recently celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Darlene [Volkers] Klug. The couple raised four daughters together and have 12 grandchildren.

Klug refuses to slow down he says sitting around watching TV all day is boring and helping someone else is a better use of his time.