ST. CLOUD -- Area churches that have been putting off a painting project due to limited funds, just might be in luck. "Fresh Coat Painters" of St. Cloud is offering up their services during the winter months, which typically are a slower time for them.

Owner Eric Heipel says the churches do have to cover his costs.

At the end of the project, we're just going to take a look at what our costs are and we'll just ask the church to cover those -- our hard costs of labor, supplies, and materials.

Heipel says church sanctuaries, Sunday school rooms, and fellowship halls are all welcome projects.

Heipel also says painters sometimes see work slow down during the winter months, so these projects are also a way for him to keep his workers busy and earning an income.

He says his company has been offering this program for a couple of winters now, but as his business grows he wants to expand to more projects.

So I would anticipate that the opportunities to do this at-cost work for churches would also grow, in fact, I am giving it a little bit more emphasis and doing more this year to get the word out.

He says some of the bigger projects he and his staff have worked on at-cost include painting The Place of Hope and the new Pathways 4 Youth center.

Churches interested in the program need to contact Fresh Coat Painters before December 15th to reserve a spot.

Call (320) 290-5808