ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud leaders want to make road improvements a top priority in 2020, however, it may take a new sales tax to help pay for the projects.

The city council is expected to ask the state legislature for their approval of a new half-cent sales tax to help pay for up to five capital improvement projects, they are:

-- 2nd/3rd Street North from 10th Avenue to Highway 15
-- 16th Street South/Traverse Road from 6th Avenue to County Road 136
-- County Road 136 from 33rd Street South to 25th Avenue
-- East St. Germain Street and Lincoln Avenue.
(See maps below)

A maximum of four projects with a combined cost of about $75 million are eligible for this funding.

The process for implementation of a new half-cent sales tax includes legislative authorization, a resolution by the city council, a referendum on the ballot during a general election, and then if the voters approve it the city council would pass an ordinance imposing the tax.

City documents say the goal is to improve quality, reduce congestion, and enhance public safety.

A 2019 city-wide survey, like previous surveys, identified road improvements as a top priority for city residents.

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