ST. CLOUD -- It's not to late to get a jumpstart on your fitness goals this year.

Whitney Recreation Center is offering two brand new fitness classes designed for all skill levels and ages.

Marci Sussenguth is the Recreation Supervisor. She says they've always wanted to grow their health and wellness program by offering a series of group training classes.

I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to not have commit to a gym, but still get their workout in. If they wanted to utilize the rest of the facility great, but it was meant as a way to provide another opportunity in the morning for people to come in and workout.

Starting February 8th you can kickstart your day with either The Whit Fit Camp or Core/Cardio Mega Mix classes. Each class is about 45 minutes and runs for six weeks.

Lori Dingmann is a Personal Trainer and instructor for the classes. She says she strives to make each class fun for all ages and skill levels.

I guarantee you when you come here you're going to feel safe, have fun and see some awesome progression. These classes are not just about exercise, it's about a holistic sustainable approach and who doesn't want that.

Dingmann says masks are required and classes will take place on the basketball courts to allow for social distancing.

The Whit Fit Camp runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's and the Core/Cardio Mega Mix program runs Tuesday's and Thursday's both from 6:30 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. Cost for the classes range between $40-$60 depending on the program.

Sussenguth says she views these programs as a great benefit for residents looking to stay active and they hope to continue to offer these programs moving forward.

In addition to the new fitness classes, Whitney Recreation Center offers three full size basketball courts, walking track, exercise room and personal training.

The WJON series "Socially-Distance Fitness" features opportunities for people to focus on their well-being to create a healthier you.

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