ST. CLOUD -- Chances are you either know someone who smokes or have smoked yourself. And trying to quit can be a challenge.

St. Cloud Technical and Community College student Rashad Starks has been smoking since he was 15-years-old. He says it's been a challenge to quit.

"I think the longest I've lasted was a week, a little over a week," says Starks.

Today is National Kick Butts Day. A national effort to encourage people to quit smoking.

Amy Maloney is a QuitPlan Spokesperson. She says the program find the best course of action that works for each person.

"They coach them through and try to fit the needs of the individual," says Maloney.

Representatives for QuitPlan were at six different colleges, including St. Cloud Technical and Community College, promoting ways for young adults to quit smoking.

Ways included showing money savings, helpful websites and kicking an inflatable cigarette butt.

Starks says he wants to try and quit smoking again.

"I would like to start to play more basketball and work on my physical fittness," says Starks.

He hopes the tips he received today will help him reach his goals.



Students kick inflatable cigarette butts for National Kick Butt Day. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)