LITCHFIELD – A new financial scam primarily targeting seniors has been reported in Meeker County, according to Sheriff Brian Cruze.

In the past two days, the Sheriff’s Office and Litchfield Police Department have received multiple calls about the scam. Authorities say the victim receives a call from an individual telling them a family member has been involved in an accident, and needs money to keep them out of legal trouble. The caller then tells the victim to retrieve cash, and not tell anyone else what they are doing. Once the victim has the money, they are told to call back so the caller can pick it up.

Authorities say a person has shown up at the homes of victims to collect money. One reported victim lost $12,000 to the scam. Another told authorities the caller identified himself as a Litchfield attorney.

Cruze says the scammer is mainly targeting senior citizens, and urges Litchfield and other Meeker County banks to watch for potential victims who might be cashing checks and withdrawing large sums of money.

Authorities urge victims, or anyone with information on the identities of the scammers, to call Meeker County’s dispatch line at 320-693-5400, or confidential tip line at 320-693-5111.

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