ST. CLOUD -- It's that time of the year again as nearly 2,000 new students get settled in at St. Cloud State University.

Over 600 volunteers and staff helped to direct traffic, assign dorm rooms, and help unpack and move the students' things into their new living spaces.

The move in process has some changes this year with move-in weekend beginning a day earlier as well as some other changes to make the process more efficient.

"We've taken a number of our administrative functions out of the residents halls and into the parking lots," says Dan Pederson, Director of SCSU Residential Life. "So far, the average wait time is about 20 minutes per family."

That's welcome news for parents like Jeff Whiley of Maple Grove, who is experiencing his first college move-in with his wife, Karen, and son, Sam.

"They've got it running pretty smoothly," Whiley says. "Lots of people out to tell you where to go -- it's going well."

"The process has been organized and easy," says Kim Osowski of Zimmerman, who is moving in her youngest. "Everyone [helping] is super friendly, I'm actually quite impressed."

"It's rewarding for us when we have families talk about [move-ins] at other campuses and compare it to our process," Pederson says. "They give us five-star raves when the process is over, so that means the hard work we put into this is worth it."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON
Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON

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