ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud State University is planning on creating a new gathering place on campus. "Husky Plaza" will be built just to the north of Centennial Hall.

The Alumni Association's Matt Andrew says it's part of the school's sesquicentennial celebration.

We wanted a place that would really create a sense of community.  A gathering spot on campus where we see families when they come back for graduation they want to take their son or daughter and get a photograph.  This will become that iconic place on campus to get that photograph.

Andrew says the Alumni Association is paying for a statue of a bronze husky. They're also selling bricks to the public for either $150 or $300.  Andrew says so far they've sold about 100 of the bricks.

The total cost for the new Husky Plaza is about $170,000.

Construction will start after the Lemonade Art Fair and should be finished before the fall semester. A dedication ceremony will be held on Homecoming weekend in September.

Similarly, the bells you hear every hour on campus were dedicated as part of the school's 100th birthday back in 1969.