I was joined this week by Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News on WJON.  He suggested that fishing for under the radar type fish is sometimes a good idea.  He says he likes to pursue catfish, trout and eelpouts on occasion.  He says eelpout is part of the cod family and can be surprisingly tasty.  He says he's had it breaded and prepared in a similar way to lobster with it dipped in butter.  Glen says the chain lakes in the Rockville, Cold Spring and Richmond area are a great source for catfish and there are many options for trout in the area too.  He says eelpout can be found in the Walker, Longville area.


The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing contest took place last weekend virtually.  Glen says the fish were measured by length and not by weight in determining places for those who entered.  The grand prize didn't go to the person with the longest fish because prizes were determined randomly.

Many small game hunting options continue this month.  Glen says squirrel, rabbit, fox, and coyote are among the options out there right now.  He says kids years ago cut their teeth on learning to hunt with small game but that has changed with the push for youth water fowl and youth deer hunts.

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