SAUK RAPIDS - Sauk Rapids police are investigating an alleged murder.

On Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. officers were called to 107 3rd Avenue South to check on the death 43-year-old James Omara.

Residents of his apartment building had complained to the building manager about a smell in the hallway.  The manager then opened Omara's apartment door and found his body lying on the couch with a pillow covering his face.  The criminal complaint says he died of a gun shot wound to his head.

Sioux Falls Police have arrested Omara's ex-wife, 38-year-old Angelina Omara of Cold Spring.

A neighbor told police Angelina Omara was at the apartment building on Saturday.  She was carrying a Burger King bag and asked the neighbor to borrow a butter knife to break into James Omara's apartment to surprise him with breakfast.  She returned the knife and told the neighbor she didn't go into the apartment.  Police found the Burger King bag in the apartment next to the body.

Agelina Omara was spotted in Ashland, Wisconsin on Tuesday with her boyfriend Michael Pies.  Pies was then found dead on Wednesday in an Ashland hotel room.  There was a pillow over his head and a gunshot wound to his head.

Angelina Omara was found was taken into custody at a truck stop in Sioux Falls on Thursday.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Benton County Sheriff's Department are assisting in the investigation.