How to Prepare for Severe Weather in St. Cloud
Severe weather around here seems to be more and more prevalent, seems to start earlier and earlier every year and seems to be getting more and more severe. Here are is how you and your family can be prepared for the storm and know exactly what to do when the skies turn cloudy and the weather turns b…
Ileana’s Movie Review: Wanderlust
I have to admit that there is something very appealing about leaving the corporate world behind to become a hippie, at least for a little while. To be able to just forget about bills and work and go swimming or meditate or tend a garden without a schedule or agenda.
Ileana’s Movie Review: Gone
While I love Amanda Seyfried as an actress I had a really hard time liking her character in this movie. She’s too manic and obsessed in her pursuit of the villain to be anything but annoying.

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