(Photo: Sauk Rapids Police website)
(Photo: Sauk Rapids Police website)

SAUK RAPIDS --  Authorities are investigating an alleged ISIL "kill list" containing personal information of several Minnesota police officers.

The list, believed to be created by a group of hackers with the Islamic State group, has names of 36 Minnesota police officers.

Some media outlets are reporting that a Sauk Rapids Police Officers name is included on this list. In a statement to the media Sauk Rapids Police Chief Perry Beise says:

'the department has no specific comment regarding the post. The FBI will do it's investigation into this matter. What we all can do is figure out a way to do exactly the opposite of what the people who posted this want us to do. Let's stop talking about it.'

FBI spokesman Kyle Loven says they can't confirm where the list was posted, how many officers were on the list and whether it was a 'kill list."

The FBI continues to investigate the situation.