SARTELL -- The city of Sartell is planning to finish replacing all the manual read water meters over the next year.

The project started two years ago to replace any old meters with a new radio water meters to provide more precise readings of water usage.

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The city says all businesses, most homes on the east side of the Mississippi River and homes that have had water meters replaced or installed within the last two years, are already equipped with the new water meters.

The remaining 3,850 property owners can expect a letter in the mail in the upcoming months to schedule an upgrade at no charge.

Once the new meters are installed, meters will be read automatically by water department staff and residents will no longer have to submit water readings manually to the city.

The city says residents who have not submitted a monthly meter reading as request and have been receiving estimated bills could potentially have a credit or a large amount due to the city for the usage used, yet not billed.

When the new meters are installed, a final reading will be taken and property owners who show a higher than normal bill will have the ability to arrange for a payment plan with the city.

If you have any questions you're asked to call City Hall at 320-253-2171.



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