COLD SPRING (WJON News) -- A Rocori volunteer group is celebrating 10 years of providing weekend meals to students. Rocori Action Packs started distributing weekend packs of food in October of 2014 with four packs being sent home.

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Debbie Nelson, Rocori Action Packs
Debbie Nelson, Rocori Action Packs

Just 8 months later they were up to 61 packs a week. Currently, the group makes over 90 food packs a week and by the end of this school year, they will have made over 30,000 packs of food. They held a 10th Anniversary Birthday Party on Monday to celebrate with over 100 people attending who helped make 300 packs of food along with having birthday treats.

Debbie Nelson, Rocori Action Packs
Debbie Nelson, Rocori Action Packs

The food packs are free for any Rocori student who could benefit from a weekend meal. Rocori Action Packs is also moving forward with efforts to establish its nonprofit status.


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