RICE -- You won't find Rice Elementary principal Sue Paasch in her office Monday, instead you'll be directed to the school roof.

The change of scenery is part of a bet Paasch made with the students during their Walk for Life Event earlier this month.

The goal was for students to raise $1,500 dollars just in coins. The week before the event they were only at $900 and I thought I was safe. But in the end they raised $2,200 in coins so I'm on the roof.

Paasch is spending the entire school day on the roof, occasionally having a few visitors to play a game or two.

We have what we call 'path tickets" so if kids are doing positive things they earn those. All last week the students earn them and we drew a name from each classroom to come on the roof.

Paasch says it's fun to see the students reactions to following through with her part of the bargain, and can see herself doing something like this again next year.

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