ST. CLOUD -- The story of Jayme Closs has tugged on many of our heartstrings, however it's important to remember there are still other kids missing throughout the country.

The National Crime Information Center says about 2,200 people are missing everyday, with over 100 those a year being kidnappings by a stranger.

Alison Feigh with the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center says with how Jayme was found, it's important to pay attention to flyers and posts about missing children.

The one thing that was very heartening in Jayme's case was that when she was able to break free, the first people she saw knew exactly who she was. We want to make sure people know the faces of missing children and missing adults.

Feigh says there is a 97 percent recovery rate for a missing person case throughout the country, however their office does have cases which are a decade old or older.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has over 5,000 cases where children were successfully recovered after being gone for six months or more. So we learn from the past as we shape our services toward the future.

Feigh says in today's technological age it's important to remember the impact of our social media footprint, especially towards the victim.

She says statistics show in a kidnapping situation the victim is usually taken by someone they know, and random kidnappings, like in Jayme's case, are rare.

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