St. Cloud, it’s been a great run.

After about three and a half years with WJON, I’m excited to start a new chapter in the Twin Cities. St. Cloud has been an amazing place to grow and experience life since I moved into Mitchell Hall as a freshman at St. Cloud State University six years ago.

Since starting with WJON, I’ve met so many fantastic people. I owe countless thank-yous to area businesses, the local school districts, several city governments, law enforcement officials and many others for sharing their time and stories with me.

Being in journalism and radio has been an absolute privilege since I stumbled my way through my first afternoon newscasts. The news team on-staff here is amazing, it's such a fantastic group of dedicated people who work incredibly hard.

It’s been a tough year at times for news stories in the area, so I thought I would put together one last post on something positive: me making a fool of myself in front of a camera.

There’s certainly no shortage of examples, but here’s four examples of my most embarrassing memories with WJON:

1) I got beaten by a 12-year old in arm wrestling:


2) I ate an absurd amount of pumpkin spice foods in the area:


3)  I got lowered into the St. Cloud sewer system (I will never forget the smell as long as I live).


4) Last but certainly not least...I interviewed some cats.