KIMBALL (WJON News) -- The folks at Powder Ridge are keeping a close eye on the forecast so they can resume making snow.

Assistant General Manager Shelby Hedtke says they're hoping to be open on November 18th, but the forecast doesn't look promising.

The good news is that once the temperatures cooperate, some upgrades to their pump system should help cover the slopes in white...

We tore down our old pump house. Our pump house is what houses all of our snowmaking pumps and hydrants. We tore down the old one, built a brand new one, and did some upgrades to our snowmaking system. So, that is huge for us and we're really excited to put it to the test here soon.

This will also be the second season with a new quad chairlift.

Hedtke says they update their social media and website daily, so look for the latest snow reports and news on when they'll be able to open.

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Keep in mind that tickets are available only through the Powder Ridge website and they cap the number of people every day to keep lines down and the experience a positive one.




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