KIMBALL -- The world's biggest bounce house is making a stop in central Minnesota this weekend.

The Big Bounce America is 10,000 square-feet of inflatable fun the whole family can't wait to hop on in.

Tour Manager Dex says this is one of two groups traveling the country.

Each group does a 32 week tour, which is about 30 cities. So combined a total of 64 weeks and roughly 60 cities we will visit.

The traveling jump house has been widely popular event, selling out where ever they stop.

Dex says while normal bounce houses are typically for kids, they encourage adults to join in the fun.

Kids love anything that's big and inflatable, but for me it's all about when the adults walk in. They feel like they're five years old again.

Dex says they usually have about 80 hours of set up time for three days of fun on the grounds at Powder Ridge.

Tickets range between $11-$20 and while they do have a few on site they are going fast. The Big Bounce America runs through Sunday.