ST. CLOUD -- Opposing sides marched in front of Planned Parenthood in the continued battle between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.

St. Cloud State University Women's Center held a support rally this (Tuesday) evening for Planned Parenthood. Emily Haeg says the rally is meant to bring the community together and stand up for women.

"We're going to keep fighting, we're going to keep standing with Planned Parenthood because the services they offer are so valuable to women that this should be everyone's issue," says Haeg.

However, on the other side of the sidewalk protesters like Brody Hagemeier, stood strong sharing their opposing views.

"Babies deserve better than abortions and their is other places women can go to find a health care service Planned Parenthood claims to provide," says Hagemeier.

A congressional hearing was held earlier today in attempts to terminate the groups federal funding. Haeg says that would be a mistake because the resources they provide is beneficial to women.

"One in five women will seek services from Planned Parenthood in their lifetime. This should be an area that all women stand behind cause it involves them and all women they know," says Haeg

Hagemeier says their goal is to protect all life and hope parents value those same beliefs.

"We can't separate sex from pregnancy and the more we try to the more destructive the outcome can be because it results in babies losing their lives," says Hagemeier.

The rally was part of PinkOut Day when people across the country stand with Planned Parenthood.

Protesters both for and against Planned Parenthood rally outside of the company. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)