SARTELL -- Tony Krueger has a strong passion for parks. He will now take that passion into his new role as Sartell's Parks Supervisor for the newly created parks department.

Krueger says the park system is a huge asset to the community, and a reason families, including his, move to Sartell.

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He says in his experience there are three core values when it comes to park maintenance.

Clean, safe and beautiful, that is something that applies to all parks. Making sure our parks are clean so people can enjoy the amenities, that the amenities and the parks continue to be assets to the community.

Krueger says he's excited and eager to work with the city to develop a vision of what the future of the department will look like.

He says they plan to take this first year to focus on identifying their needs and what steps need to be taken.

There is a lot of plans and discussion happening. I'm striving to be adaptable as the future is plotted out for this department. What it looks like personnel wise and the work we are taking on in the parks.

Krueger says this winter his staff will work with the public works department, the city and community to prioritize the future of the department.

The parks department is a merger between the city's Park and Recreation offerings and the Sartell-St. Stephen School District.

The goal is to finalize the Park and Rec agreement with the school district by 2023, and have the department fully functional by the start of 2024.


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