ST. CLOUD -- There are three candidates on the ballot running for Minnesota Senate in District 14 in St. Cloud, however, one of them is a mystery even to his own political party.

Jaden Partlow is on the ballot representing the "Legal Marijuana Now" party. WJON news has tried to reach him for comments about his campaign, but we have been unsuccessful.

Party spokesman Dennis Schuller says they've also been unable to reach Partlow. His email listed on the Minnesota Secretary of State's website bounces back with an error message. Schuller says, for that reason, he is not endorsed by the Legal Marijuana Now Party. However, his name does appear on its website.

The phone number listed for Partlow on the Secretary of State website also appears to not be valid.

The incumbent in District 14, Republican Jerry Relph, says he knows nothing about this opponent and he has never met him. The DFL endorsed candidate in the race is Aric Putnam.

It is a district that historically has been very close where every vote it crucial, four years ago Relph bested Dan Wolagamott by just 141 votes, with 2,021 votes going to a Libertarian Party candidate.

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