MONTICELLO -- I-94 has reclosed between Monticello and Rogers due to multiple spin-outs and crashes.

The highway was reclosed around 6:15 p.m. MnDOT says traffic on the interstate is at a crawl or stopped. Drivers are asked to use alternate routes, travel only if necessary and check with 511 for the latest information on road conditions.

I-94 was initially closed for three hours earlier Wednesday after a crash at the Highway 241 exit in the St. Michael/Albertville area. There's no word on the number of vehicles involved or whether there were any related injuries.

Travel conditions continue to be difficult across Minnesota. Expect blowing snow, frigid temperatures, snow drifts and snow compacted roads and intersections. Expect to encounter crashes or vehicles in the ditch on all area roads. If approaching an emergency vehicle with flashing lights, pull over and give them room to pass.

MnDOT says both directions of I-94 will most likely be down to one lane overnight as travel conditions continue to deteriorate across Minnesota. Motorists should expect blowing snow, frigid temperatures, snow drifts and snow-compacted roads and intersections.

MnDOT urges motorists to drive slowly, stay a safe distance from other vehicles and only travel if necessary. You're also asked to pull over for emergency vehicles with flashing lights and give them room to pass.

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