ST. CLOUD -- Reading tutors are in high demand in central Minnesota.

Minnesota Reading and Math Corps are looking for six scholar coaches to work in St. Cloud. The program provides reading help for students in kindergarten through third grade.

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Fourth-year coach Nichole Albert is currently tutoring at Madison Elementary School. She says student success is deeply rooted in a strong foundation of reading and comprehension.

From kindergarten until third grade, students are learning to read and from third grade on students are reading to learn. In elementary school, if they are struggling with reading, they are really going to have a hard time as they get into the higher grades, so a scholar coach is there to help out and kind of bridge that gap so they won't have a hard time later.

Coaches can serve 40 hours per week for four years, earn $15,000 per school year, and also receive a stipend for student loans or tuition of just over $3,000. Albert says it combines volunteering and working a job.

We partner with the teachers by providing reading support, helping students make sure they know all their letter sounds, and the teacher sometimes prepares lessons that I deliver in small groups. So, when I'm not delivering a reading lesson to a student one-on-one for twenty minutes, then I'm helping the teacher in the class with their big group things.

Albert previously worked in home healthcare and through the Reading Corp is pursuing a degree in early education with hopes of becoming a kindergarten teacher. To learn more about the program or apply to be a scholar coach, check out the link below.

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