COLD SPRING -- If you live in the Cold Spring area and you're missing a yard sign the Cold Spring Police Department might have it.

Cold Spring Police Chief Jason Blum says several signs were taken from yards in the area during last weekend's ROCORI Homecoming festivities.

"It ranged from real estate signs to political signs it didn't matter who, what or where just people were grabbing signs. It turned out to be a high school prank and they all ended up in a couple of yards around town. We're just putting the word out that if anyone is missing signs, they can come, we still have them in our garage, they can come to pick them up."

As for the pranksters, Blum says he let them off with a warning since no damage was done.

"There was no damage other than the missing signs. We've had conversations with the groups [of teens] and we've been informed it won't happen again. As far as identifying or charging anyone with anything, we're not going to be doing that."

ROCORI High School's Homecoming game was last Friday, September 28.

If you're missing a yard sign it's likely waiting for you at city hall.

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