It's just about Summer, and that brings along a time of cookouts, potlucks, picnics, and any other sort of activity where you might be inclined to bring a dish in a plastic container that may include some tomato sauce.

If you have ever done that, you know the pain of said tomato sauce staining the container.  How do you get rid of that?  We all know that washing it in a dishwasher, or hand washing generally does not remove the stains.

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So, what do you do, aside from cutting your losses and just throwing it out? (Usually what I wind up doing).

Thanks to a website called, I have found a few remedies for this problem.


You just make a paste with the baking soda and some water, rub it onto the stain, let it sit for a bit, wash as usual and voila!  Stain is gone!


Combine equal parts of water and the distilled vinegar, let the mixture sit in the container for a couple of hours, and the stains will come out.


Rub the lemon on the container, let the container sit out in the sun, and the orange stains will come off of the container.

There are a few other remedies that have been circling around on TikTok that help to get the orange stains out of any Tupperware containers.  And those probably work too.  This is if you DO have this problem.  Not looking for people to say that they never have the issue because they either use only glass containers, or they don't put tomato sauce into a plastic container.  We know this - it's what to do IF you DO have the issue.

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