This week with Alyssa Hayes from Explore Minnesota we talked about their winter trail report for cross country skiing and snowmobiles, trying new winter activities in Minnesota and bird watching.  Hayes says you'd find the best snowmobile groomed trails in northern Minnesota with more than 22,000 miles of trails in the state.

Alyssa's suggests people try a new winter activity like an adventurous slide, downhill skiing, skijoring, winter biking, ice climbing or winter camping.  He says Minnesota also offers some of the best dog sledding in the lower 48.  Listen below.


The month of February is a great month for bird watching.  Alyssa says a number of owl species are visible like the snowy boreal, great gray, great horned, barred and northern hawk-owl.  She suggests learning more about owls through the International Owl Center.  Bald eagles are very easily seen in southeastern Minnesota this time of year.  Alyssa suggests viewing the Eagle Cam on the DNR website.

Learn more about these topics and more by going to  Alyssa joins me every other Thursday at 8:15 a.m. on WJON.

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