Minnesota author Ella Kennedy joined me on WJON today to talk about her book "A Far Cry From Ordinary."  Ella is a first time Minnesota author who has a home in the Cold Spring area but due to work opportunities is living and working in Singapore.  Ella describes the book as a romantic suspense featuring a lawyer Kat Anderson who deals with labor relations and her adventures and challenges.  Ella says she enjoyed the character development and wanted the characters to be people she'd like to have a beer with.  She says she's thought about writing a book for many years but parenting and work and life just kept that from happening.  She said she thought more seriously about it when her kids moved on to college and her husband and her became empty nesters.  Listen to our conversation below.


Ella says she wrote 660 words a day and the process took about 2 years between the writing, editing and rewriting.  Ella says she's always been a reader and her grandmother was the librarian at her hometown library.

She says the next book won't include the same characters but will feature a woman set in Singapore and will also be in the romantic suspense category.   Ella hasn't ruled out writing a series featuring the same characters in the future.

The book "A Far Cry From Ordinary" is available in paperback for $10.99 on Amazon.

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