This week on WJON I talked with Minnesota author Rick Rassier.  The name of the book is "Take it to the Next Level" with the subtitle of "Finding the Keys to a Higher Level of Performance".  Rassier is a coach, educator, and motivational speaker.  He says the book is a motivational book meant for people in the world of sports but it could apply to those just looking to bring their performance in whatever they do to the next level.  Listen to our conversation below.


Rassier says many people get satisfied when they reach a level of success but few have what it takes to keep their performance at the highest level.  He says greatness isn't a place you reach and can stay there without hard work.  Rassier has been a speaker at schools and played as a one-man volleyball player against whole teams.  He has also in recent years been involved in kayaking.  The book is available on

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