COLD SPRING -- The Cold Spring Mayor has released a statement after a man allegedly used a vehicle to intentionally crash it into a home.

Andrea-Phil Robinson posted pictures of the damage to her home on Facebook saying,

This is our HOME, a place that is supposed to be safe. That is a stolen truck, the sole occupant is a bear hanging from a noose. The driver hopped out and watched it crash- my boys asleep a few feet away. Two broken windows, one camera shot, harassment order violated twice- he is finally behind bars.

WJON News did reach out to the Cold Spring-Richmond police department to get the police report on the incident that happened on Saturday in Cold Spring, however, the police chief was out of the office on Monday.

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Cold Spring Mayor Dave Heinen released a statement to WJON news on the incident, which City Administrator Brigid Murphy says he'll also be reading at Tuesday night's regular city council meeting.

The City of Cold Spring vehemently rejects racist behavior in all its forms. One of the most insidious forms, which is not always visible to the community, is harassment targeting a single community member or family

Racism is harmful first and foremost to the victims. The damage to the sense of security and peace of mind in their own home is even more significant than the property damage resulting from this incident, and will leave them with lasting scars.

Racist behavior is harmful to our whole community as well. It is not right, and is not welcome here. I want to strongly reiterate that the City of Cold Spring does not tolerate racism in any form. We strive to be a welcoming community for all persons no matter race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender identification, age, ability, place of origin, citizenship status or veteran status and we will continue to promote this community value.

Andrea-Phil Robinson says she is planning to participate in a news conference after Tuesday night's city council meeting.

A fundraiser has been set up to help the family repair the damage to their home.

Benton Beyer, Stearns County Jail
Benton Beyer, Stearns County Jail

In a criminal complaint filed against 33-year-old Benton Beyer of Richmond from an earlier incident back on July 15th, he allegedly violated a straining order against him.

In a separate criminal complaint against Beyer filed in Stearns County Court Monday, he is accused of stealing a vehicle in Cold Spring at about 5:30 a.m. Saturday. Five minutes later the stolen vehicle had crashed into a home.  It was unoccupied but police found a large piece of granite on the accelerator.


There is Ring doorbell video footage of the incident.

Beyer was found walking near Alexander Park in Cold Spring at about 10:00 a.m. He was wearing a black shirt and was soaking wet.

Documents say there allegedly have been at least 18 calls within the past two months regarding Beyer stalking and harassing the family that lives at the home.

Beyer is facing charges of theft of a vehicle, stalking, damage to property, and harassment.

Rep. Lisa Demuth, of Cold Spring, issued the following statement regarding an incident that took place on Saturday in Cold Spring.

"I'm deeply disturbed by the attack that took place in Cold Spring this weekend. While there was thankfully no loss of life or injuries, we still have a family that has been targeted by a pattern of despicable hatred. Now is the time for the Cold Spring community to rally around this family, and send a clear message that hate and racism have no place here, and we won't tolerate one of our neighbors being treated this way. My prayers are with the family for healing and that they will be surrounded with love and support in the coming weeks."

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