ST. CLOUD -- After giving a fresh look to the outside of its ambulances earlier this year, Mayo Clinic has begun redesigning the interior.

The Health Care system has spent the last year brainstorming ideas to not only provide better configuration for their paramedics, but to increase safety for the patients.

Mayo Specialist Paul McIntyre says it's the biggest change in twenty years.

We changed the layout, seating, location of the equipment, added climate controls to make sure equipment stays warm for the patients.

He says there was a lot of input by emergency personnel on the new design.

That two week process of driving it around to all of our locations, we took the feedback and changed a few things that we could. Then the next round of vehicles are already being updated with more feedback we got from that tour.

McIntyre says the first of the new vehicles was launched in Mankato last week. St. Cloud should see their new vehicle starting next month.

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