ST. CLOUD -- Police arrested a St. Cloud man last week after the suspect practically fell into their lap.

Officers say at about 2:30 Friday afternoon, 53-year-old Eric Edwards drove up to them outside the St. Cloud Police Department headquarters and said he was worried his girlfriend may assault him.

Court records show a woman exited the vehicle at about the same time but Edwards denied anything had happened yet.

Police say an odor of alcohol and marijuana smoke was coming from the car and several open alcohol containers were in plain sight. Officers then searched the car and allegedly found a .38-caliber handgun with a loaded magazine nearby, a small amount of marijuana, and a gram of cocaine.

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Edwards told the officers the drugs were his but not the gun. Records show Edwards admitted he was a convicted felon and wasn't allowed to have a gun.

He faces charges of being a felon in possession of a gun and felony 5th-degree drug possession.


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