ST. CLOUD -- Art and magic are blending together at a new store in St. Cloud.

Art with a Purpose, is now open in Crossroads Center. Owner Chris Metzinger says the store's main focus is on well-being and metaphysical products.

"Metaphysical is anything dealing with the spirit world or some people say cross the veil, things that help you, metaphysical meaning not tangible, not physical."

Dream catchers, incense, candles, magic kits and much more are featured at the shop. One of the most sought after items are stones.

"For example quartz crystals, citrine, blood stones things like that, that each imbue properties to the holder. So it helps your energy centers of your body."

Art with a Purpose also hosts painting, sculpting and magic classes. Metzinger says in the coming weeks they will be revealing some hidden sculptures in the store.

"On our grand opening day, July 1st, we'll actually unveil some of our sculptures that we have around the shop."

On the magic side, the store does have its own magician, Michael Graves. Graves teaches magic classes and does magic shows for birthday parties and other events.

In the entire country, there's less than 100 magic shops. Metzinger says Art with a Purpose is a way to keep the mystery and illusion going.

"We like to keep that alive, partly because we like to see people with that sense of wonder, keeping the imagination active and that is one way we do that."

Art with a Purpose is in the former Yankee Candle store location inside Crossroads Center. If you're interested in taking a class visit their website or Facebook page for details.

(Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)
(Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

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