SARTELL -- A long time Sartell city council member plans to run for mayor in the November election.

David Peterson has been serving on the council for 12 years, and with his seat up for re-election, he felt now was the right time.

The mayor seat became available when current mayor Sarah Jane Nicoll announced she would not see re-election.

Peterson says his experience on the council and his work with several key city projects over the years are a great asset to the community.

"I like to help, along with city staff and the council, to move forward and continue the direction we are in right now. I think it's a positive direction and I would like to continue that moving forward."

Peterson is a licensed attorney and a member of the Minnesota National Guard. He first got involved with the city council to help the "east side" of Sartell, where he lived when he moved to town in 2006.

He says one of his goals if elected as mayor, would be to continue being fiscally responsible for the taxpayers.

"We've done a good job in the past in coming up with compromises and ideas on how to keep the city budget as consistent as it is. The city's budget is very consistent compared to other communities."

The seat one of three city positions up for election. Voters will also elect two people to fill the city council seats held by Peterson and Pat Lynch.

All open positions are four-year terms. If there are more than two candidates for a position, a primary election will be held in August to narrow to list to just two candidates.

The general elections are on November 6th.