SARTELL -- It's been compared to Nicolas Sparks', The Notebook. Millie Moran, author of Socially Challenged along with husband, Don Moran were both diagnosed with Memory Loss two years ago, which led Millie Moran to start recording her life's events.

In her tell all book she writes about her experience growing up as the oldest child in a family of 18 children, her relationship with her husband, moving to California, raising her five kids and her life after being diagnosed with memory loss.

The Alzheimer's Association released a report Tuesday which states that one in three people over the age of 65 will have some form of memory loss when they die.

Millie Moran says after being diagnosed with memory loss, she had no idea if her memoirs would be turned into a book.

Prior to marrying Don Moran, she worked as a nurse's aid at the Browerville Hospital. She had a long distance relationship with Don Moran where they would exchange letters back and forth to one another and sign them "Love always." Millie Moran says, "Love always is our thing."

She and Don married when they were 20-years-old and moved to California. She says that experience helped her gain her independence.

Her formal education ended after grade school. Years later her husband Don Moran helped her get her high school diploma. It took four years, but she says she passed the G.E.D. test with flying colors.

Now both age 74, the Morans are active speakers at the Sartell Senior Connection.

She says with a smile, "Who knows, maybe someday Don will have to read the book to me one day."

Socially Challenged is available at The St. Cloud Book Shop,  Amazon and Kindle.

See a video with author, Millie Moran below.