BECKER (WJON News) - A local snack maker is planning an expansion project.

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Von Hanson’s Snacks is planning an expansion project that will triple the production capacity and increase accuracy, storage, and labeling.

The new space will house two production machines, a bagging machine, and other automation systems to keep up with the growing demand for their product.

A Von hanson's Snacks Labeling Machine. Photo: Von Hanson's Snacks.
A Von hanson's Snacks Labeling Machine. Photo: Von Hanson's Snacks.

The History of Von Hanson’s Snacks:

John Tennessen and Craig Machholz started working for twin-cities-based Von Hanson’s Meats while still in high school and started their own franchise in Monticello in 2000. At that time, several of the Von Hanson’s Meats stores offered their own seasoned pretzels for sale in individual shops.

In October of 2017, Tennessen and Machholz began manufacturing seasoned pretzels from Becker under the name Von Hanson’s Snacks. Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake was their first customer and remains a customer today.

Von Hanson’s Snacks currently makes seven flavors of seasoned pretzels and seven flavors of snack sticks for distribution to customers nationwide. The new expansion will occur in stages, with additional storage space being a priority.

Officials say that once completed, the new manufacturing space will allow Von Hanson’s Snacks to expand into new markets and dramatically shorten fulfillment time in existing orders.

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