ST. CLOUD -- A local man has turned his love of running into a way to give back to less fortunate people around the world.

Mitchell Eickhoff of St. Cloud has set a goal of running on every continent. So far he's accomplished that in North America, Europe, and Asia. His next goal is to run a half-marathon in Malawi, Africa coming-up in May.

Between now and then Eickhoff is holding several fundraisers to raise money to give to the people of Malawi when he's there.

A full week working with different communities in Malawi.  We're teaming up with Naturally Africa, which is a big organization over there that really helps out the communities.  It's one of the poorer countries in Africa.  So we'll spend quite a few hours helping out.

He'll run the half-marathon there after the week of volunteering.

When he ran a race in Nepal earlier he raised $2,000 to donate to them, for his trip to Africa he has a goal of collecting $5,000.

He has a meat raffle this Friday and on January 10th at H.R. Pesty's in Waite Park. He also has a Sunday Night Out party on January 13th at Beaver Island Brewing Company in St. Cloud. And he's also selling t-shirts to raise funds.